Why do replays go missing?

After encountering a visual discrepancy in the game, wanting to record it for a potential bug report, the replay I need is not present.

The server replay clearly shows games at 7, 8 and 11th of June.

In game however it goes from 11th of May to 11th of June and this replay is not present.


The match played.


Is there a way to get a client side replay back in any way, is there a reason why they go missing?

*just a hypothesis
I think its to save up some server cost because not everyone watches months of replays and it’ll be a huge waste to keep all of these replays for millions of players.

Maybe they analysed the average time a player reviews their replays and deemed it worthy to delete after said time.

These are locally stored replays, so the only way they can go missing if you or the application deleted them from your computer. The game deletes old autosaved replays to save storage space, but that’s probably not the case since there’re even older replays present here. It might be that you accidentally clicked delete, or some other antivirus or trash cleaning software went in and deleted some stuff. The replays are stored in the game files, probably under a folder called “Replays”, so you can go in there and look around (I’m a mac user, so my file structure might be different from yours). Finally, there’s a chance that you saved and renamed the replay (if you clicked the “Save replay” button right after the match ended in the rewards screen) and the file order got shuffled.

I haven’t touched them, I have never deleted a replay or anything and these are less than a week old so I see no reason why they would be missing.

Named replays would be at the top, but that’s not where they are either.

Logically you’d do that by reducing the time before the oldest ones are deleted I guess, but for my local files it makes little sense to randomly have them disappear.

Yea, they’re pretty mistaken… It would logically delete the oldest first in the first instance.

Also mind out TZ difference.



Great, now you’ve made me show I’m missing a server replay… Nope, timezone being 12 hours out made me think it was.

Also time finished vs time started by the look of the timestamps.

Searching through bug reports, looks like this isn’t the first time something like this happened:
https://community.gaijin.net/issues/p/warthunder/i/87PWxQcjFk5Y (this one is the most detailed report and also contains some debugging suggestions that might help you)
I’m guessing the game just bugged out on you on that occasion and failed to save those replays, in which case they’re probably irretrievable.

Reviewing mine in more detail has shown there to be an issue of some kind… Server replays say I played Sinai yesterday, but last I played it by client was 4 days back.

Whilst that report has a lot of text, the engagement on the report was quite flawed, as none of the checks made would affect this issue.

So replays just seem to randomly go missing without any logical reason or pattern behind it seemingly.

At least 3 replays are missing based on the server replays vs my own.