Why do I keep getting kicked from high tier naval?

Hello comrades!
I got the Yamashiro and it’s really fun to play but I get constantly kicked from high tier naval. After one salvo it says that I don’t have connection to the server and I get kicked. But low tier naval works completely fine. How tf am I supposed to grind for the event if I can not even join the required naval matches?! Gaijin I want my 75$ Back!

Hi Epic, I am affected by this too. it seems to be a widespread problem for players. it is interesting that it is happening primarily at higher tiers. I also noticed that it happens less even at higher tiers when fewer players are in the match and more official gaijin bots.

Hello I have exactly the same problem in high rank battles in naval 6.7-7.0 I am regularly ejected for loss of network connection, lost 500% last night like that.
It’s painful, I discovered when playing with the coastal navy in rank 4 I had no network loss.
There are other bugs since the update or perhaps cheats how to understand that high-rank battleships are exploded in a single shot by a Moffet destroyer or equivalent? Last night also a Scharnhorst exploded three times in a row in 10 seconds and only one shot my American battleships, twice Mississipi and then Arizona. The same Scharnhorst destroyed 10 ships like mine in no time and at great distances. A very dubious sniper?