Why do i get crew lock on vehicles when the server disconnects?

Crew lock is by itself a bad thing, but when the game throwns me off the servers, AND then on top of that i get punished.

Why is there no a button to rejoin the battle in the hangar right after i go back there?
The only way to get that option, is then i restart the game, which is just stupid on many levels.

For one, it starts to verify the game files every single time, and for some weird reason it takes up to 5-10 minutes even on an M.2 SSD, and then, the game itself loads in slower, than normally.

And not just that, in general, it takes ~20s to load in the battle itself. Well, not this time. When i rejoin the match, it takes around 1, but more likely 2 minutes for me to rejoin the match.
If this is not enough, for 30-40s AFTER i rejoin, and if my tank is destroyed, no matter how hard i click on the button to respawn, the game just does not register my click.
And at this time, the match is likely just over, so respawning is worthless anyway.

And if by some miracle my tank was not destroyed, after rejoining, tha game starts to stutter like crazy, and i have to restart the game again after the battle ended.

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When i get disconnected on occasion i get the opportunity to rejoin game, outside that i have to wait the cool down. It was made due to people leaving matches and rejoin is a bit buggy. Nothing to do but wait, or you can choose a different country to play while you wait for your crew to come back from detention. I do the second option

Yes, all is clear. But when the server knows that i did not quit the battle, but rater, i was dropped because of some issue, i should not get crew lock.
If i willingly leave the game before all my spawnoptions run out, then sure, give crew lock, but not when i was dropped.

I already explained why rejoining is a bad option.

Yes, mostly i play another country, but when i have a booster on, i just have to wait…