Why do community posts take so long to be posted?

Basically, I made a post a few weeks (18 days) ago about why I think luck-based mechanics should be removed entirely. It was my first post and I was like “oh, it’s not posted, just pending. I guess I’ll have to wait like a day or two for it to be approved.” But no, it’s been 18 days. Still pending. Is this normal for community posts? If so, why? Did my post specifically just get missed? I’m not too sure.

I just put this under “Community tech support” because it seemed the most applicable.

i did 2 post, the first took almost a week to be approved, the 2nd took only few days.
I received the approval email from both the same day.
In the end neither of my two posts is visible on the forum… I have no idea why.

however, I think they get a lot of posts per day so waiting 1 week I think is the standard.