Why do American WW2 tanks get solid shot as a stock round?

So the T-34s and Panzer 4s get to have stock APHE, but the Shermans have to use a solid shot round with 91mm of max pen. The T-34s get lower pen stock, but at least the BR-350A has 150 grams of HE filler, while the German 75 gets their best round stock. Why can’t the Shermans have stock APHE?

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If you can find a 2nd APHE in proper documentation be my guest. However, I have little doubt you will.

Due to how stock rounds are decided.

For ww2 stuff it usually works like this.

Find the lowest penning, non-chemical, round and that will be stock. This is why the ap it not stock for the russians even though it is usually worse.

The m4 used to have the aphe stock because it had lower penetration. After the pentration change, they switched it. This method usually means that germany has a pretty easy stock grind. Luckly, you should grind out the aphe rather quickly.

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APHE is rank I, right?

Rank 2 but it is a rank 2 tank so like 4 kills should get you there

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Just wait till you get higher up and have to use solid or HVAP on the M26 and up the pattons to M60, as a stock round.

I still remember my desperation playing ZTZ99A with HEAT, when your opponent is T72B3 : the desperation of finding a weakspot.