Why do all RWR's now have IFF?

The recent RWR change that has allowed all aircraft RWR to differentiate between friendly and non friendly radiation spikes has recently perplexed me. As I’ve personally worked on avionics for 5th gen platforms I understand that as since RWR is not directly communicating or has any input from the interrogator processor or the radar, it makes no sense that the RWR would be able to indicate a friendly contact that is beaming it with radiation. in fact on 5th gen platforms, even as the RWR is apart of the integrated air vehicle architecture, it is not keyed with cryptographic information to allow it to identify particular radiation frequencies and filter them by affiliation. So who signed off on this change?

RWR doesn’t universally have IFF capability in War Thunder.
If you have a problem with this go find sources. Research the topic.

I meant to distinguish what I was referring to, of course not all aircraft have this feature, but what I’m primarily focused on is the newer platforms that showcase this in game… which, I don’t need or rather shouldn’t provide sources for this, but rather I would appreciate anyone who can give me a source on why this it IS a feature in game. As I have mentioned before I worked on these components and I’ve worked on crypto… so my source is me :) , I am just asking for anything to give this change viable credit.

because there’s 32 players in a game and you really dont need the additional 16 pings from your teammates.
thats why
its a game mechanic for convenience

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Some modern RWRs can identify friendly and hostile aircraft. This is a page from the (declassified) Harrier GR.7 Avionics & Weapons manual:

I think Gaijin has explained this because IRL RWR can filter based on known friendly aircraft, as they can identify aircraft by their radars already. An F-16 irl would not mark another F-16 on its RWR as enemy. But in ARB, teams are often mixed which undermines that. But since it’s a very handy feature, and makes RWR less annoying, the devs have decided to just filter out all friendlies regardless what plane they are in for gameplay reasons.

I am not sure if this setting is also enabled in sim mode, I would imagine friendly filtering isn’t enabled there at all, or only the realistic kind where planes known to be friendly types are filtered. Such rules already exist for RWR, where in sim some RWRs can’t detect PD signals while in ARB they can.

Though I dont think it actually works in game. At least not in SB. I’ll see F16, F14, F15, M29, M23, etc etc. but if you have F-16 on both teams, you have no idea who is friend or foe