Why do aim9l's COMPLETELY ignore incoming r27 missiles?

since the r27 (r27er/r et/t) are no longer notchable/cold/flareable i’ve tried using aim9ls to take them down. It used to be very easy in the past but now aim9l’s seem to completely dodge the r27 even if you fly straight and the mig/yak flies away. AIM9L’s seem to completely ignore these missiles in particular, meanwhile they’re surprisingly effective at taking skyflashes and aim7’s and even r24r’s if you have the chance to sit within the burning range of the missile.

Maybe because those missiles are not meant to track tiny targets? Even the proxy fuse will have a hard time. Realistically success rate of interception would be low

Be grateful you’re even able to do that.

Sidewinders and most A2A missiles in general are not designed to intercept other missiles.

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Yea seems they super missile right now sure wish sparrows hit low targets but even staying 500ft off deck seems to defeat them


what? aim9l can proxy 50m away from you, that’s more than your plans lengt, also there’s a difference between missing the incoming r27 because you pulled away making it change direction to track you, to straight up dodging the r27 you’re flying straight towards.

Air To Air Guided missiles are not at all designed to engage other missiles. Their sole purpose is to be used against targets that have a heat signature. Trying to track another air-to-air guided missile is as if you expect normal ice to not melt under extreme heat.

To make it simpler the front of a Missile is cold, the rear is hot so long it has fuel being exhausted. Enemy missile no see hot signs, it waves at hostile missile.