Why did you remove Mirage 2000 SC4's ACM PD mode?

the plane had already stale radar missiles and a headon restricted radar, why did it get it’s best mode (ACM PD HDN) removed? isn’t it weird that the MiG23 ML with better radar missiles and one of the best radars in the entire game is still at 11.3? why would you not move the M2K up in BR instead of making it more useless?

Where did they remove it?

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you’re switching from Track while search to auto hud lock, that’s not ACM PD HDN, notice how the ACM mode displays clutter. Mirage 2000 SC4 no longer can launch missiles with ACM at targets flying below it’s nose or in high terrain background. Before there was ACM and ACM PD, being “ACM only” for people going cold and “ACM PD HDN” for people coming head on at you on situations with clutter and chaff.

Look on the radar indicator. ACM PD HDN.

Again, please show an actual photo or video and not Defyn’s video. I just did a test flight in the Mirage 2000C-S4, there is no longer an ACM PD HDN, but there’s ACM AUT which will select PD HDN for you if a target is coming head on at you.

Yes, it will automatically switch to non PD if it goes cold, kind of a buff if we look it that way

Yes, ideally it shouldn’t choose non-PD if a target is below you though, I would think radars in real life are smarter than to try and lock someone in non-PD with ground clutter as their background.