Why did you HAVE to do this to the Br.693AB2? Update: to ALL planes with offset guns

It’s impossible to aim at other planes now. Who asked for this?! Please for the love of god revert this change or make it a toggle in the options.

This is while flying straight. The instructor reticle is centered around the gun, whereas previously it was centered around the aircraft’s nose direction.

Not only is it harder to aim, the reticle position isn’t even consistent. If you aim at high pitch angles up or down, the reticle just slides away from your instructor cursor.

Again, these screenshots are while flying straight.

Rolling is just awful now. It’s hard to see where the gun reticle is rolling around, whereas previously it was easy to see by orienting about the instructor cursor.

This is rolling while flying straight.

PLEASE change this back or add a toggle to disable this INCONSISTENT behaviour. The aiming reticle was working perfectly fine before this change.

Edit: Just discovered ALL planes with offset guns are affected. Here it is with the B-26B in the US tree


Nobody asked for this, but Gaijoob devs don’t play/playtest the game and to them it seemed like a genius idea with no drawbacks.

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Remember when supersonics became a thing and Phantom gunpod was basically useless? It took a while to fix and this is of even less importance since it’s a low tier plane

The F-111A’s aiming reticle is the worst one by far:

How they somehow make something worse after trying to fix it is truly a remarkable feat.

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I regularly brought this plane to 4.0 and fought Yak-3s, J2M2s, and B7A2s that didn’t know this thing can put up a fight. I can’t do it as well now with the new aiming challenges.

This is an old issue: Breguet 693 Aiming Reticle - France - War Thunder - Official Forum

People are still looking for the definitive source on this to push back at Gaijin with. With the F-4 gunpods that was what was required too.