Why did Viggen RWRs get changed so much?

Sons of Atilla changed the RWR for all viggen models. JA now have 4 zones and AJ/AJS have 6 zones. They had full directionality before and I don’t know of any sources that claimed this was how they were IRL. On top of this, the JA37D seems to have an issue where it thinks all pings are locks.


sweden once again takes the L


France mains looking a atthis guy with more confusion that it looks that they took 213321 types of funny stuff yes and no

The full direction on the old AJ37/AJS37’s was a mistake, the 6 lights around the map are the RWR indicators.

so the funny thing is that the manuals that list how this is displayed to the pilot are CLASSIFIED so we literally dont know from any manuals.
the manuals that are declassified only show that there are 4 lights that are related to the rwr in some way. it does not say these are used to indicate the direction, it doesnt say what they’re for at all. just that they’re related to the app-73.

but who cares. now we have another reason to downtier the ja 37d to where its supposed to be with its mig-21 <profanity> rwr

the AJ(S) change was correct though. well not entirely because in the AJ(S) the pilot knows the frequency(or prf, not sure) of the radar through the frequency of the RWR tone