Why did VBCI-2 (MCT30) go up in BR?

This thing was already borderline useless at 9.3 with lackluster pen and no armor , why did it go up in BR?

The PUMA at 10.0 has better everything basically , except mobility on Asphalt roads.

It’s only saving grace was the fact that it was a backup for AMX-30 Super. Now you can’t even take them together without ruining your matchmaker.

Just why?


It was not useless at 9.3, it was extremely good, a bit undertiered.

9.7 is a good spot for it, fits nicely with the AMX-40 lineup.

It’s still OP.
The ammunition in turret doesn’t explode even if you get hit

It’s likely to cause turret ammunition explosions to occur or be nerfed to 10.0.

I have one of my worst win rates and K/D with this tank. I’m very careful while using it, but it’s not very effective except for recon purposes. It’s a shame. If only it was the Philoctete with a missile. I regret wasting 10,000 GE on it.

Moreover, I don’t face any trouble while using other nations’ tanks or the AMX-40 at the same BR level. So, it’s not a skill issue on my part, but the tank is just bad for its BR. It’s disappointing to spend so much money on something that turns out to be useless."