Why did they ruin the 9040 BILL?

They made the bill missiles terrible, and pretty much unusable, the missiles are so unstable and can’t even stop wobbling before it hits a target that’s 500 meters away, you used to be able to actually use them, but now they just go into the air and slam into the ground if you stand at a hill with a TINY angle.

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Not only RB 56 BILL II but everything else got to worse.

This game never emphasizes physics, and when ATGM is launched, it feels like it is subjected to ten times the force of gravity. We must always be vigilant about Gaijin’s so-called “authenticity”


I play the vehicle alot at 10.0, i have also noticed a clear and heavy decrease in performance for these missiles. Unjustified ofcourse and not very accurate,

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The frustrating part for me having the CV90 Bill as a favourite unit is the drastically lowered quality of functionality of this unit - compare the functionality of PBV 302 Bill and you notice that the trajetories of the missiles are less unstable and the efficiency of the missiles are higher.

Now add to this the BR in GFAB 10.7 / GFRB 10.0.
In GFRB i could make a line up with CV9040C, CV90105, CT-CV 105HP, but since these are a premium and an event vehicle not much of a line-up, all light tanks.
In GFAB you will / could pull up your 10.3 line up in full up tier 11.7.
Next BR for SWE is 11.7 with exception of the CV90120 11.3.

so it makes very little sense to keep this at 10.7 in GFAB, lower it to at least 10.3 in this mode.
most of it’s rivals sit at 10.0, being:
USA: M3A3;
GER: PUMA, Vilkas (10.3);
GBR: Desert warrior;
ISR: Namer 30 (10.3);
ITA: Dardo, VCC 80/30, Freccia (10.3), KF-41 (10.7);

With exception of the PUMA, all carry ATGM’s the 10,3-7 FnF Spikes ( that rarely work btw…)

What does the Bill II get:

  • Best APFSDS (stock) round;

  • Slow launcher deployment, as mentioned vary erratic ATGM behavior in flight;

  • Somewhat working HE-VT round, just like the PUMA;

  • Small 1st stage with overall low ammo count;

  • Stab for main gun turns off at low speeds;

  • Mobility wise in 4th place of this comparison (tracked only);

  • Slowest turret traverse 65.7/34.9 compared to the others : 107.9-113 (GFAB) / 57.3-60 (GFRB);