Why did the F-16C's thermals become Gen 1?

I am just curious as to why the thermals were reduced in quality on the F-16C. Considering it’s a Block 50, I would expect it to have better thermals than it has now (more akin to how it was when it had Gen 3 thermals). Can we expect the thermals to improve in the future with different guidance pods? Were the LITENING II pods ever upgraded?


In fact F-16C Block 50 under CCIP program equipped Litening AT or [Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod but currently not change targeting pod and gaijin lazy implemented

I hope gaijin not lazy and consider change targeting pod Litening II to Litening AT first major update or second major update


The justification i belive it was that the f-16 has a lower resolution screen. The themal are still gen 3 but the resolution is shit. On tech tree tornado litening II become more clear the second they changed this.


Currently F-16C using Maverick’s resolution which is a acknowledged bug by gaijin, it happened before and they are currently gonna fix it.

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I don’t mean to be a bother, but do you have the bug report or statement where they said it’s acknowledged or they’re going to fix it? If it’s a bug report I’d like to support it.

Here is the bug report

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Awesome, thank you!

Gaijin don’t do thermals by resolution. It’s either Gen1, gen 2 or gen3

Lol then why on german tornado is a higher gen while its the same targeting pod ;)))

Because of a bug?

the deference of gen 1,2,3 is resolution. gen 1 having a low resolution that makes things kinda blurry, higher resolution makes things more clear as in gen 2 or 3

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hope they gonna to fix it soon, cause I’m really get headache when using F-16C with thermal pod

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Which is actually kinda funny, because for a while the German and Italian Torandos had Gen 1 resolution despite having a Gen 2 pod. Didnt know they had finally fixed that bug and in the process seem to have broken the F-16Cs

I might expect gaijin change targeting pod to 3rd generation targeting pod AN/AAQ-28(V) Litening ER or Litening AT replacement Litening II this year to reduce the hassles

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Yeah apparently the AN/AAQ-28(V)4 LITENING AT was present on almost all semi-modern American aircraft (eg. the F-16C, F-15E, A-10C, etc.). They should definitely be adding a different set soon. Seeing as the Italian AMX should get the LITENING III, Gaijin really needs to go through and differentiate each variant soon.

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and they are taking months to fix it! various bugs has been resolved in the recent changelogs but the slowest when it comes to the US 16C lmao

İts actually weird that considering Tornados had the same problem but got fixed while F-16C somehow got this bug instead.

you can zoom in on a screen…
Those are mfd’s that can process stuff. The sensor resolution is the important bit (together with fov optics etc)

The entire Litening pod in WT is a total mess anyway. Current modelling of gen 2 FLIR on the Litening pod match Litening ER/AT better than Litening II (the base model).

I did a lot of searching on the Litening pod, I also got another report going on to fix its FoV levels (it should have a lot more zoom), and from what I know Litening II should only have 256x256 resolution (~gen 1 in game) and later pods 512x512 (~gen 2 in game). So what’s essentially the Litening II in game would correspond better to the irl Litening ER/AT already.

I hope they just change the names accordingly. The Tornado version we have in game I think also only carried the base Litening II, but I don’t mind it’s resolution being higher. It’s nice to have.

Me praying for the better pod on the UK Tornados and Harriers