Why did my Hornet Mk3 not accelerate at all when I leveled out?

https://youtu.be/5MOy8wQHQxE?si=3l4VFpXlbFRu-32H it felt as if the plane had not enough thrust, it didnt start to accelerate brusquely til i nosed down.

first of all, use a shorter clip,
secondly, you had negative G’s, so depending on the engine, it might not have gotten decent ammounts of fuel.
Thridly you were in a slight climb, fouthly you had a bit of damage, slowing you down, when you were already kinda quick, fifthly it is consistend with the engine-performance before.
And sixthly, you had 0 % throttle shortly before, so probably the automatic engine control changed the pitch, and that took a bit to change back to the best setting for full throttle