Why can't the radar combat mode of F4J even lock enemy planes facing each other?

The ANAPG59 combat mode cannot even lock the simplest head to head enemy aircraft. Is this another magical patriotic force at work!

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Did you ever think it is because you are using pulse mode to lock on low flying aircraft?

Problem isn’t the radar but the pilot himself…

It would be able to if you were using the radar in Pulse Doppler mode, but you’re using it in Pulse mode.

Why can the MiG 23ML engage combat mode lock in low altitude enemy aircraft?

Mig-23 does not on normal search mode, it switches to MTI
for F4J you have to switch to PD (pulse doppler) which is really good if you try using it

Still,the radar on F4J (usa) is having a hard time to lock in any mode a target.Even on HMD and aiming at a high flying target and you still have to w8 2-3 seconds to lock that target.And even if you get a lock,when you fire the sparrow,quite offten, they go astray.They just fly to nowere!!!

I will post a replay: In this one i was locked(2 lines) a target flying high and at 32 km in front and sligtly to my planes nose left.Got a good lock from the missile and fired.The missile just went 90* to the left and started to go towords my team mates.

You can see it going right at the beggining,after i finished my climb.