WHY can't L2PSO have own D1 armor

L2PSO and Strv.122 have wrong armor // Gaijin.net // Issues
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The main armor of the Leopard 2PSO hull should be at least 600KE
The hull armor of the Strv.122 should be 600KE+150KE, not 400+350KE

In War Thunder, the hull armor of the Strv.122 consists of 520mm composite armor and 100mm/53° composite armor
Of these, 520mm composite armor provides 400KE, and 100mm/53° composite armor provides 350KE, which is obviously unreasonable
The armor used in the Strv.122 and later the newly produced Leopard 2A6 was called the D-Armor, which in fact consisted of the D1 main armor and the D2 additional armor
In War Thunder, the production team made C armor + a D2 armor that did not conform to material science (100mm/53° composite armor to provide 350KE is impossible)

In fact, according to Swedish data, the C+D2 armor has only 40% of the protective area in the DM53’s target test
The armor configuration of D1+D2 has 75% of the protective area in the target test of DM53.
C armor only has 30% effective protection area at 500KE,

Obviously, the production team has a very rough understanding of the military and did not seriously produce it.
Apparently the production team is still ignoring the normal demands of players, as early as when Strv.122 joined the game, many players submitted armor errors,

But the official perfunctory will not solve anything, and the German player who waited three years was not for a Leopard 2A5 with an M5 heavy machine gun
The issue of armor must be revised

The production team has already acknowledged the Swedish file, so I will not upload it anymore.


You need to make a bug report, and we can back it up: Gaijin.net // Issues

You are going to have to upload the file here, or they will ignore you.

Need to post everywhere possible and keep report it until they submit

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And then remind them every single week.

where is this shown?



i i update in Strv.122 and L2PSO have wrong hull armor // Gaijin.net // Issues
Additional files for historical issues ‘History of Swedish vehicles.pdf’
L2PSO and Strv.122 have wrong armor // Gaijin.net // Issues


i do it 4 times ,
the last one
L2PSO and Strv.122 have wrong armor // Gaijin.net // Issues

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You guys know armor reports are treated as suggestions right. Also you need documentation otherwise the report won’t go anywhere.

I did it a few days ago,but only few one view
L2PSO and Strv.122 have wrong armor // Gaijin.net // Issues

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keep it up man we’re support you until they submit


I think we should unite with other players, because the armor problem of Leopard 2PSO already reflects gaijin’s discriminatory behavior against certain national vehicles, and I can’t guarantee that gaijin will not treat other countries like this in the future. Perhaps the next to suffer this treatment is the UK? France?


they already did France have wrong armor for many years still not getting fix Challenger armor also wrong for years i don’t have Leclerc but seem that France community keep talking about it

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That’s the problem, the number of German players may not be large, so we have to unite all the forces that can be united, and since France and the UK have problems like this, then we can protest to the gaijin together and fight for what we should have

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Which is D1 + D2?

I will join you 100% The USA vehicles are also being given discriminatory behavior. They set the detonation prob on the M1A1s and M1A2s to 50% while russian vehicles sit at 15%.

Gaijin hid my post calling for players to unite, they said my post was spam and they were afraid we would do it

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I am still down either way.