Why cant I select all 4 servers for war thunder

I live in oceania, and for me, the auto server is SA, before update Kings of Battle, I was able to select all 4 of the servers for my matches, but after Kings of Battle, I could either select the other three, (US, EU, and CIS), or I could get better ping and select SA, which is my auto, but not all 4 of them. Is that intentional? Since during some times of the day when i play, no one is online on SA

It is intentional but I do not recall them ever giving a reason.

Oh alright thank you, I really wish they undo that, but I guess they have their reasons, SA servers for me soemtimes have like 5 minute wait times but I get 300-400 ping in other servers LOL

I feel you. I have a similar issue due to me being in Japan. It works alright for arb and grb but for naval, I have to choose the other 3 to get a wait time under 5min.
I hope they mention it in the next Q&A.

“Auto” does not pick the best server for you (low ping etc), it picks the best server for the match maker, ie It will throw you into a match hosted on the other side of the planet if it completes a team.
For faster games, you are better off picking a BR that is popular at the moment. Usually Tier III. Sometimes II, depending on what the masses have been induced to grind by the snail.
Yes, the did the whole Asia Pacific region dirty by removing that option from the client.

Auto goes off of ping, at least it does now. I believe it is the lowest ping server plus an server no more than 100 ping above your lowest server. My auto has yet to put my in a match outside of SA. Of course after 5min, it opens all servers and throws you into the first match it can.

I’ve been watching it since the update and even though my auto says “NA” it will put me in high ping games that indicate they are in EU/CIS. And this is in under a minute wait times. Where as if I have it in actual NA, the wait might be longer, the ping will be in the ~20 ms range consistently.

Odd. Maybe bug?

Gaijin prioritizes short queue wait times above all else because thats how they keep “user engagement” longer.

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True. I said maybe a bug because auto hasnt done that to me at all

You won’t notice it unless you pay attention to latency discrepancies. If you are over where ping sucks no matter which, then I guess it doesn’t matter.

I know because i get about 70 ping in SA and min of 200 on the others.

Ah interesting, so for you, they removed the option of playing in SA servers

I also realised that during certain times of the day I play a lot better, idk if that is due to the circadian rhythm or some servers are ez,

Basically me too. I used to have SA (160-200ping) and NA (270-330ping) servers selected as EU and RU (back then) were 400+.

Now I can only choose SA or only choose NA… it doesn’t make sense and even stranger is the no explanation for it.

Queueing times are definitely longer with only 1 server selected. Many more 4+ minutes queue times.

I’m in Australia and auto put me on the Russian server, which has the worst ping for me.

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Yes. I don’t even see the SA server at all.