Why cant ctcv105hp float on water

amv is an amphibious chassis… but in wt they will drown… this is so weird

Only some AMV variants are designed to be amphibious variants. They have impellers on the rear

In general it’s only Polish KTO Rosomaks that were built in an amphibious configuration. The CTCV105 prototype was not, nor are the XA-360 variants actually used by Finland

Just because one version is doesn’t mean another is, take for example the BMP-2, in-game the base model floats just fine however the BMP-2D modification removes the normal side skirts used that help it float IRL and adds additional weight that prevents it from being amphibious, and then you have the BMP-2M which can just about still float. Also another thing is that if a vehicle requires more than minimal preparation (very minimal at that) for traversing water then it doesn’t float in-game which is why some vehicles have had that ability removed or can’t do it in-game because they require extensive preparation to float, a perfect example is the M551.

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Bradley too, and the future AMX10 M ACRA too

MBT can also cross a river with 4m deep in submersion but, evidently, with a heavy preparation (schnorchel, close radiator aeration…).