Why can the UDES 33 not get scouting when it is horrid?

The UDES 33 only has 10 missiles, no decent speed, a bad reload rate, and can only fire one missile before reloading. It cannot even defend itself. The thing needs to get scouting to make it even somewhat useful. And yeah, I get it, ItS a SmAlL aTgM lAuNcHeR, iT cAn HiDe!1!1! But with its new BR, it goes against thermals and other god vehicles compared to it. It should at LEAST have scouting to make it SOMEWHAT useful.

I have actually not had a bad match with it at its new Br. I Must ask have you gotten the mobility upgrades? Have you upgraded your drivers skills? These two can completely change how the UDES is played it goes from hide behind obstacle near spawn to Zoom to a Spot Crazy Early and the enemy’s often never see me. although I wouldn’t mind it getting Scouting.

I have maxed out everything, the only thing im missing is the new missile. Its not the missiles that suck, its the lack of everything else that sucks. No defense, no way to hide unless its crossmap, and the speed is subpar.

You get 20 degree gun depression, you either learn to use that effectively or you suffer. Most maps will have just enough cover for a small and badly armored vehicles.
I do have to wonder why the rather pathetic single shot missile carriers were moved up after their weapons were broken with the hilariously bad missile update

The UDES 33 is really good in defensive Roles. Before the update it could be used offensively, but that rarely worked for me. I usually was happy just finding a spot behind a hill or behind rubble on a long street
Sure I often never got more than 4 - 7 kills but I at least protected against those Damn wheeled glass cannons that go to our Damn spawn and kill half our team. That was often a sound strategy all it takes is one tank to get into a good position to cut off access to the rest of the map. so personally this vehicle feels better in a defensive role with its low Armor, if possible you should hide under something to avoid planes or helicopters now. that’s also a good point its good towards unsuspecting helicopters. as long as you don’t try to push with this ( or anything Swedish…) It’s Great!

I’ve not used UDES but it seems favourable compared to most ATGM carriers, it’s tiny and you can look over hills without exposing a big outline like Striker. And no other pure ATGM carrier in the game can scout to my memory.