Why can i not report an issue

Why can i not report an issue? You guys asked me to show you proof of my issues. Why was my right to report an issue taken away without explanation? I am experiencing game mechanic issues that apply to the game and now i can’t even report it. Way to take care of your customer.

Could you please send your CBR link to me? It’s when you click on your account name and then “My Profile”.
Should be something like https://community.gaijin.net/issues/u/<some numbers>.

I am having a hard time finding what you want. Trying to figure this game out on how to play it the proper way. Any advice?

You may need to go to the webpage with a mobile phone or PC (Something that shows the URL in the browser).
You basically open the browser, go to CBR (Gaijin.net // Issues), click on your name (top-right of the page), click on “My profile” and send me the link after you open the profile :)