Why are the Arietes above 10.3?

They have no armor at all for any of them to even be above 11.0 , the object 292 has a stronger round than them and it sits at 10.0, none of them should be above 11.0 put them down lower in B.R


welp it also has better armor …xD

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You don’t understand, Ariete is OP, especially the one with additional 5 tons of heavy air.


yeah they air is really strong

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You have no idea how many times the Italian community has pointed out to Gaijin the absurdity of keeping Ariete at high BR, but the only thing we’ve received from the developers is absolute silence or ignoring the problem.

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they are it*lian

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  1. add italy
  2. drive off the casual playerbase away by straight up denying manufacturers documentation about ariete armor protection
  3. only fans and better players remain, driving the winrate up
  4. look at statistics, see winrate above average

“Arietes are fine and in no need of buff!”

Tis same issue with leclercs.


The 10.3 Ariete is fine where it is honestly, the Object 292 should really go to 10.3 or 10.7 even, but the poor reverse gear and reload, as well as the armour, is what’s making it stay relatively low.
The 11.3 Ariete has better mobility than the Object 292, as well as having a better reload, but it isn’t that well armoured (although the armour of the Object 292 isn’t good either at top tier). However, this Ariete should honestly go to 11.0, while the 11.7 ariete should go to 11.3. The 11.3 MBTs we have now should go to 11.7, and the 11.7 MBTs should go to 12.0, other than maybe the Leclerc, BVM, Challenger 2s, and T-72B3