Why are some of my suggestions just removed?

Why are some of my suggestions removed? They don’t get approved by moderators (Don’t appear on forums) and I don’t get any notification of why or when they were rejected.

I got an email saying one of mine was approved but it hasn’t appeared on the forum, and when I click the link in the email it says the link doesn’t exist

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You never get notification that a suggestion is not approved - you have to wait an indeterminate amount of time, figure it isn’t going to arrive, nd PM one or more of the suggestion moderators.

I waited a week recently and more-or-less got told off for not being patient.

am waiting for a month to go by before asking again.

I was making a thread on RNZAF F-16 for the British tech tree, and it currently says “pending”, however, it also says in a red mark that it isn’t a valid suggestion because it never entered service with the RNZAF, fair enough, but it still says it’s pending, so I am confused as to whether it was moderated and rejected, or what has happened

My reason for that suggestion was Britain needs a fourth gen fighter, and the RNZAF F-16 is more plausible than the F-16AJ because the F-16A was purchased by New Zealand.

Yeah - I remember the howls of outrage about that - I work with lot of ex-RNZAF people, particularly pilots!!

they had gotten so far as to allocate serial numbers…


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Anyway that was why I thought it deserved a place in game, same as the RNZAF A-4K which I made a suggestion on (The one that was “approved” but vanished into thin air)

Your approval message that you cant see (or i at least) isnt one. I have that too sometimes when i press submit too fast and forgot stuff like a reason. It happens, just write a mod and ask for a copy and whats wrong.

I did accidentally post one but that one was I assume rejected (It wasn’t finished nor had sources), my problem is ones that I know are perfectly fine, I might right to a mod, thanks!