Why are side skirts so ineffective vs HEAT

I’ve had quite a few games like this now, but its been getting far more common in the past few months.

I’m at 60-70 degrees to my target. They fire a 320-400 pen HEAT round at my side skirts, hit, then have the copper stream pass 1-2m down my tank, pen the side armor, detonate ammo or kill the entire crew.

I’m familiar with how HEAT works, but when we are talking about a 1-2m air gap with structural steel wheel components, shouldn’t this be stopping HEAT rounds? Proction analysis says yes, but in-game i’m encountering near constant OHKs through the track guards.


Skill issue no doubt.
Have you submitted a bug report so that you can officially be told that?

I understand the concept of HEAT, but i don’t have good access to tests for extreme distance effects on HEAT shells. Still, this feels wrong on a lot of levels.