Why are my AIM9L/Magic2/AIM9M's getting one-flared away by full afterburner jets barely 1.5km away rear aspect but I keep tanking r60m's head on with burner off and flaring?

Every time I prime up a missile with IRCCM I keep seeing it’s seeker fov indicator following the flares before launching. When I see like it stops following the next flares that show up and see an adequate launching solution I see it simply go to the flares or fly away onto thin air. My aim9m’s are getting flared easier than my aim9l’s unironically, especially at closer ranges. Besides, I can’t get them to lock anything and they feel like just short range aim9l’s dedicated to rear and side-rear aspect shots. Meanwhile I constantly keep tanking r73s aim9m’s and magic 2s from any distance and any angle even if my engines are on zero throttle and I’m flaring with engines barely on 500 celsius. Why is this happening to me? Does this have any correlation with the fact that my guns are nearly fragless 90 percent of the time? (such as getting only a hit on stalled
enemies as a regular basis even with an-m3s)

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If your missile is already locked on a flare before you launch it, it’s going to chase the flare. To prevent this, just slave your missile to your radar.
In terms of being killed by R-60Ms, that’s a skill issue. Without more information it’s hard to tell what you’re doing wrong, but my guess would be one of the following:

  • Getting too close where you don’t have time to react and flares don’t have time to draw the missile away from your aircraft
  • Not pulling after flaring, so the missile aims for the flares, flies through them, and then relocks your engines because you are still in a straight line
    For R-73 and Magic 2, they can be flared pretty easily if you don’t get too close, especially in the front and rear aspects. Just a matter of positioning there

Aim9m uses a different type of system. When it sees a flare, the seeker shuts off for a short duration while it follows the last known direction of the enemy plane. If you turn then flare it, it will follow you. If you flare then turn, it should go for the flare.

R73 and magic work by having a very small fov. Those can only be flared if you can get a flare between you and the the fov. Usually, once the r73/magic is within 1-1.5km, you cant get a flare between you and the seeker.