Why are most guns so frag-defficient when damaging a yak3 vk107?

i have managed to crit this guy 5 times and he still flew fine, then a 109 k4 cut my plane in half.

Can we stop making premium planes damage models borderline unkillable? they’re already dominant enough.

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Try A2D-1. It’s american premium and it got incomplete (or simplified) damage model. When I am attacked head-on I lose my both wings. If I am attacked from side or rear I lose tail. And thats it. No other damages :( Not every premium is “unkillable”.


well, use the f2g instead, the 50 cals hit like 30mm hei now… while they’d just take a hispano to the pilot and … not die!!! that’s how it is.

Nah, I’m really bad in F2G ;)

This is like your 5th copium post I’ve seen today, chill out…
Or well, take it to reddit, more like minded people for u there lol.

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I’ve been banned 8 times on Reddit for speaking naturally, besides reddit is rather a “russia op america suffers” kind of cluster. Here the russkies will score 7kd on the MiG29s and 3.5 on the F16A ADF and they’ll keep saying that the ADF is too op.