Why are Leclerc tanks modeled to contain gasoline instead of diesel?

The interior fuel tank of the Leclerc explodes unrealistically. They should only explode due to impact of HEAT-FS or other chemical munitions which would create temperatures necessary to detonate diesel.


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T72 and T80 tanks use diesel too and they explode all the time being hit, I dont see players cheering it up if that gets fixed.

And what the hell is with comment spamming on your own thread, are you trying to bait in activity ?

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Do they?

Yes T72 has diesel engine, T80s run on diesel.

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More so, do they explode?

I’ve certainly shot my fair share of front fuel tanks and from experience they act much more efficiently as spall liners.

This specifically is a large issue on the BVM which has its statistics tweaked as otherwise Russia’s current top tier would be relegated to atrocious performance.

Explode half the time, even smallest damage to tank is more than enough to trigger it. Fuel tanks in the game all act as spall liners, all modules in fact do that.

I wish the Leclerc tanks were modeled to only explode 50% of the time.

Half the time is wrong, more like 60% of deaths is caused by it, other part is killing crew and ammo detonation. This is my opinion, not statistics. Leclerks and AMX 40s are only tanks i have seen actually have fuel explosion that arent soviet/russian.

I wish the Leclerc fuel tanks were modeled to only explode 60% of the time.

Though i can add that practically almost all of my deaths on Object 906, BMP1, BMP3 are caused by fuel explosions.

Your claim of it being unrealistic and not providing anything to prove that as well as spamming comments to get activity going to attract other users are obvious enough to tell what this topic is gonna be.

I am documenting fuel explosions in the Leclerc.

Diesel is not as explosive as gasoline, so my only thought is that the tanks are filled with gasoline. The only other explanation is that on the backend Gaijin has tweaked Leclerc fuel tanks to explode more either through error or a purposeful nerf.

I think everyone who plays at the tier can agree that the Leclercs are underperforming in the current state of the game. Not having your tank explode because a round went low failing to hit any vital parts I think would be a good starting buff. It’s not like we have an ammo carousel at the bottom of our tanks.

Documenting or just saying? Two different things. Doesnt excuse comment spam either.

Pretty sure thats wrong, but if it was true, T72s and T80s wouldnt explode after getting a bit of spall on their fuel tanks.

Thats funny, Leclerc as in game doesnt scream that its a good vehicle to me.

Sounds like youre simply sick of it.

Russians have studied their loses long ago to find out its all ammo outside the carousel causing detonation.
Places soviet tanks put ammo in is just as terrible as M60 have or Challenger 2 have. Or the unprotected ammo location on Leopard 2s.

Quick google man.

Oh most certainly. I did not expect to have a similar experience to my Chinese MBTs for a modern NATO tank.

Well it’s certainly cathartic.

Google what?
Soviet tanks use diesel and Leclerc using it would not change anything.

forgot to mention they have same problem, as well as having to be stuck with only one APDSFS/APDS ammo belt for autocannons.

Hope it helps then, Fuel explosions feel like crutch.

Every modern tank AFAIK uses diesel because it does not explode as easily as gasoline and gives you more travel distance, it’s just better.

except they do in War thunder.

not implemented in WT.


I don’t know if they model fuel differently between tiers at all. I just know the Leclerc explodes more than any other tank I have and it’s vexing.