Why are ground score multipliers are lower than Air while giving away less match scores for kills and also games taking longer?

They make you a nice little list showing you what actions are rewarded with research points.

Good, you found the introductory lab.
Now find the biggest research point source of them all and analyse that.


What about it

Now find the bigger number.

Time played is the largest earner my man what about it

How does it compute?

How does the time played compute?

Based on your time spent active in the match.

We are getting closer.
And how is “active” decided?

Proximity to enemy tanks or shots on enemy tanks, what about it?

No, activity is not computed that way.


What simple numerical figure would be a good estimate for your actions in the match?

Wrong textbook for this.
But you were close.

The sun circles around the Earth. That must mean we’re the center of the universe.

Well then you won’t learn how things really function. Thats OK. Keep your model of the solar system:

It still predicts many things right.

Oh how would I wish to get 10k RP in GRB for being close to useless, heh.


Can anybody tell me if you get points for tier 2 tanks if you have a tier 3 in lineup toward Marks of Distinction?
Likewise with planes and boats?
Or can it be done with just tier 2 or tier 1 even?
It lists 1-3 in the multiplier but it says rank 3 vehicle. Very confusing

Because Air is boring and not satisfying.
I was originally Air AB player, reached max rank (V) with 3 nations, I barely play it anymore. It’s just bad.

Afaik not for having it in lineup.

Event vehicles are eligible from rank I onward.