Why are desert warrior and bmp2m same br?

Bmp2m has better round, better fire rate, better thermals, better missiles, can fire missiles on the move, has irst and similar if not better mobility than the desert warrior so why are they the same br??


Hello Hashbrown19,

Well, in summary Desert Warrior is just the same as the M3A3 Bradley but with a slightly faster chassis, in a practical, not technical perspective, the ammunition used by the auto cannon is the same and the missiles is also the same,

The only thing Desert Warrior is better than the M3A3 Bradley is its TOW launcher position that’s is almost above the turret meaning that you can fire undercover just like Dardo, VCC-80/30 and Type 89, its missile behavior helps in this kind of operation and you don’t need to deploy, which is a aspect that kills most IFVs with this kind of mechanic,

In the case of the BMP-2M is something that I have to assume, is very controversial, but something that I’ll point and few or most will point that the missile is not reliable more than it was before the missiles behavior logic change, where it got a huge recoil after firing, and some times wobbling left and right after shooting it,

I own the BMP-2M, yes, it is a good vehicle, high fire rate, but something that kills all auto-cannons firing APFSDS rounds it’s the size and damage post penetration, only few like the Strf 9040, Lvkv 9040, Type 89 and 2S38 that got higher caliber APFSDS rounds can do a good damage to you don’t need to use a entire ready rack on a single target.

In this case of BMP-2M vs. Desert Warrior, I’m partially going for BMP-2M for capability at short ranges and for Desert Warrior for support capability at most ranges.

I’m a player that likes to play the game alone without ally noises around, I can’t say much about application of both in determined scenarios.

If you own Desert Warrior, why not share your experience, so we can discuss better about its performance?


Desert Warrior is pretty alright. Almost got a nuke in it (2460 SP) That said it is still a straight downgrade of the A3 Bradley. No CITV, no elevated missile launcher, no irst, worse optics, worse round, no spall liner, fewer missiles, the only thing it has over the Bradley is mobility, but that doesn’t matter when you take into account the play style of these vehicles. It could easily go down to 9.7 IMO but for right now it’s still pretty “ok”


The desert warrior is far slower than the bradley its top speed of 75kph is physically unobtainable due to gaijin messing with its gear ratios and torque it sits around 55-60kph paired with far worse acceleration over the base warrior it also doesnt have IRST or the ability to fire ATGMs from behind cover like the bradley pair that with its missing spall liners as well it should be 9.7 at most


The BMP-2M might maybe possibly be too low. Cannot confirm.

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BMP-2M is still very undertiered.

It’s also Russian.


theres a simple reason, the warrior is in the british tree


Its not undertiered its just some of the other IFV are overtiered in comparison like the desert warrior, dardo, VCC, KF-41 and PUMA all of them should move down by 0.3

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Think about VFM5, most of British light tanks at high BR are overvalue

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Effectively identical rounds.
Effectively the same thermals.
BMP-2M lacks top-attack, otherwise both have TANDEM missiles.
IRT cannot lock tanks.
Desert Warrior is just slower.

Desert Warrior going to 9.7 wouldn’t change the fact it’ll be used exclusively in 10.3 lineups.
And BMP-2M going to 10.3 wouldn’t change the fact that’s where it’s used currently anyway.

@YUi_Takamura VFM-5?
You mean a tank in a similar position as Radkampfwagen, TAM 2IP, and 2S25 [standard] all using similar performing rounds & no thermals, with only Radkampf being faster in a straight line.

please correct me, are you saying that the BMP2M and DW rounds are nearly identical?

Maybe if the DW actually got M919 like the Dev Blog stated it would have they would be identical.

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Reversing speed? armor? more ammunition choice? Radkampf has much better armor, 2S25 has better ammo and HE, TAM 2ip has lower BR and better armor, all of them have better-reversing speed, similar, yep, but worse.

Congratulations, your daily duty to cry about russia is completed.
See you tomorrow.


I think it’s impossible to people start a discussion and end it without someone coping and not adding nothing to the issue.


There is a 10mm difference on angled targets: 104mm vs 114mm.

All have no armor.
All have mid reverse speeds besides 2S25.
2S25’s round is 105mm DM63/M426 equivalent, which is “barely” better than DM33.
Ammo choice when you’re exclusively using APFSDS to begin with doesn’t matter.

10mm is a big difference and couple that with the bmp2m having nearly 3 times the fire rate


I agree with this line of thinking. I’m a British main with some play time on the warrior. Lets not thrash at each other rather understand the situation.

The desert warrior is slow to accelerate but ones you are going its alright. It will hit 59 kmh (49 - 54 in some cases) then stop accelerating (flat map).
What do you think of the bmp?

DW has a electric transmission which is a huge benefit. In the paper it says 75 km/h but I doubt you can do it, I mean, the Object 906 has a electric transmission, ~70 - 75 km/h forward and backwards but I never reached that speed,

And now, with the DW to BMP-2M, it’s quite heavy no? 29,0 against 14,5 tons is crazy, it seems that DW fits more as a support vehicle than a assault vehicle, it seems to be, as I said, it’s my perspective, same as with Type 89, even equipped with such strong cannon and good ammunition, the way it’s so slow doesn’t really help going forward and always on the attack.

With this vehicle in specific I’d prefer staying back, sniping people and using covers and shooting the missile without concern about someone shooting me back while on BMP-2M you need to fully expose yourself in order to shoot the missile, one of the downsides of beam-riding missiles.

I may be wrong but I think SACLOS or other wire-guided missiles could be able to be operated without visual contact.

Good vehicle,

I may say it’s bad or for me doesn’t suit most situations but I think that’s a personal thing, I mean, people can say some vehicle are busted or overtiered, others can say the opposite. It’s a relative thing.

Yesterday I was playing on Fulda map and it was the few moments I had myself using the 9M133 (tandem charge missile) against a stopped target, not a big deal but it’s something to note since my opinion over the missiles that BMP-2M carries,

The 9M133FM-3 is the better one between the options: you can shoot down helicopters while not needing to expose your position with the tracing rounds from the 30mm auto cannon and sometimes over pressure vehicles, but I don’t really use the missile against ground vehicles,

As it has IRST you can lock on air target like planes, helps a lot with vehicles in lower altitude or near enough at a point they can’t dodge the rounds,

About its performance in moving, it’s good in a straight line, 66 km/h is good, it’s nice for a assault operation, I mean, quickly shoot, destroy and leave, hit & run thing.

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By the way, why is a warrior’s armor-piercing projectile worse than bradley’s?

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IDK they said it would get m919 but just shadow changed it to pbm 090 and then just said they are now not going to add m919, just gaijin nerfing a british vehicle so it wont be competitive for no valid reason

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