Why are American aircraft using older RWR


The F5E should theoretically use ALR87 or ALR46, but the game only has APR36. The A7D and A7K should use the ALR46, but the game only has the APR36. F4J/S should have ALR45 but only APR25 in the game. The A7E should have ALR45 or even ALR67, but the game only has APR25. The A6E TRAM should at best be an ALR67 but only an ALR45 is available in the game.


We welcome well sourced reports.


The A7E upgraded the ALR45 in the AC233-1 and the ALR67 in the AC411. The A6E upgrades the ALR67 in the AFC552. F4J upgrades ALR45 in AFC524.

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Need sources for that and the RWRs capability in a report.

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They are NAVAIR 01-45AAE-1, NAVAIR 01-245FDD-1, and NAVAIR 01-85ADF-1.


About A-6E, it received AN/ALR-67 in WCSI program (Weapons Control System Improvement). Mid to Late 80’s. So it was after TRAM and before SWIP. So our TRAM ingame have correct RWR.

Also saw report for F-4J/S:



Right, but not the best. Both ALR45 and ALR67 are correct for A6E in TRAM state. You can see that the MIG23ML uses a modern SPO-15 instead of a 70s SPO-10.

A-7D in current version is post-1972 variant (due to AIM-9J) while ALR-45 was added mid 1975 (T.O. 1A-7D-760).

so A-7D could have it but it’s not a bug if it does not.
In fact I think that for gameplay perspective it’s better for two variants to differ more - this way they can occupy broader BR range together eventually.

Other than that - I totally agree.
Right now in air sim, F-4J and premium(!) F-4S are borderline useless for most of the time.
They face Mig-29s that have 27ERs and fighting those w/o RWR is, as you can imagine, more luck than skill.

I think that changing RWR for those two planes should be prioritized.
Bug report was created so lets wait and hope

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Well ive done some digging and found some information on the F-4J and the ALR-45

According to the NATOPS flight maunal from 1975 the F-4J was equiped with the ALR-45

Screenshot 2023-09-25 191833

This was apparently after an upgrade which included a redesign of the cockpit layout and the improved RWR display scope is visible.

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