Why are 30mm cannons so abhorrently USELESS?

how come 30mm (defa, aden, nudelman, gsh30) are so fundamentally bad? Most of the shells literally go through the targets like ground RB volumetric but something like a vulcan or a 23mm with less explossive mass just needs a single lost bullet to put your plane into a spin.

so one shot kill guns are weak? this is new to me…
little tip: use AIR TARGET ammunition

The air belts tend to delete planes

Ah yes, NR-30 is garbage.

I can’t speak for all and this is not supported by hard data. but I have heard that ADENs have a notably lower muzzle velocity that most rounds and quite a steep drop-off. This is in part why the gun feels sometimes quite hard to use in A2A.

If this holds true for all the others. and you are firing at a great distance. Then maybe the shells are just loosing too much energy to be effective in this role. Other rounds like Vulcan, maintain far greater energy far further. (not too mention have simply a greater volume of fire)

but look, I can honestly kill with the ADEN with a maximum distance of 1km

tanks or planes?

I’ve done the same vs planes before, you just need to lead quite a bit and account for bullet drop a LOT. Its not necessarily they are bad, just different to use than most rounds.

im using air target, my duel mates use air target. Where is it written that a gun with less TNT and shrapnel per shell does MORE than a gun’s shell that weighs more and also travels quicker??

nr30’s have been inconsistent two months ago when last played mig19s, I could crit a tomcat 2km away in a custom battle but then when i dueled someone the guns did barely nothing, he neither managed to do much whenever I was taking the L.

personally they are almost tense for 700 meters then they start to fall slightly (against planes)

…the main difference is that you use (AP/SAP) tend to pass through the wings causing minor damage to the opposing plane, if not hitting the pilot or the engine leading to instant death but it is much rarer

lil clueless boyo.

“Bad aim” but these would be fatal from anything like a gsh23l.

And that mirage also stole me another kill before, i would have had a nice ace.

@rikidesert_00 this video features air belts.

This is hilarious, I love the mirages cannons and often stick with default belts, also it really doesn’t help if your shots are only connecting with the engine area😂. Heck based on timing I wouldn’t be shocked if that Magic 2 was in the air before you even landed your first hit.