Who has the "Cavalier of the Medal of Honor" title?

Who has the “Cavalier of the Medal of Honor” medal/title, and how long/hard was it to get?

5 000 victories in all types of american vehicles (in RB)? No thank you (yet), I’ll stick to my “Chevalier of the Legion of Honour” :) (Almost got the order of liberation though)

Do you suggest any good YT videos on how to get better with Aviation / Tanks / Naval Battles? I would really appreciate it

Not really, I recommend reading the wiki and planning how to use something yourself. You have to know your own limits, something Youtube videos don’t teach afaik

Addendum 1:
In naval, being a triple combined gamemode, the best you could do to achieve victories would be to bring a coastal vessel and capture points in higher tier (above 5.0) matches

Ok thanks

For aviation I can’t recommend DEFYN’s videos enough.

Watching his guides on the different mechanics and strategies, and reviews of specific aircraft really helped me improve. Here’s a link to the beginner guides playlist. The immensity of things to learn might seem intimidating at first, but once you start to understand and use this knowledge you will get a feeling of mastery that makes it all worth it IMO.


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Each content creator has different views, but I find that defyn’s opinons on things aren’t as reliable or accurate as other people. For some reason he has it set in his mind that if a jet can’t out turn a Gripen or outrange a Patriot system, then it’s a mediocre jet (ex. his F-4S video from 4~ months ago).

If you’re just wanting to learn how to do basic stuff and learn about radars and whatnot, Tim’s Variety is a good place to start.

If you’re wanting more advanced tactics and playstyles, honestly just go watch as many people as you can. It’s always best to take in as much info as you can, and test different playstyles and tactics out and see which fits you best.

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