Who else is going to be getting the new Italian coastal from the next Battle Pass?

I’m interested because it’s a rank III and Italian. I know it’s a German boat with slightly different armament, but I really like the German boats, and this could be a good one to grind out the Italian coastal tree. I haven’t much played Italian blue water ships, as it felt too much like getting a root canal.

Would be keen if there was something else to it, even a low tier destroyer would be nice, but that is a 2000GE (that equals 4000 on sale) for one boat, since the tank isn’t interesting to me this season

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Totally understand. I thought the boat was the free one this season.

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It’s a BP vehicle, so 10’s of thousands of people will get it.

I will get it ;)
I actually enjoy Italian coastal fleet. The only sad thing is that it’s quite hard to join NRB low tier.
Also I have nothing to grind in this tree, the only task left is to spade Albatros, though maybe they will add something in the next update.
Btw ground reward is nice as well, so I think this BP is worth its 2k GE, especially if this datamine is about BP and there will be “Rus vs Reptiles” theme:

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Almost all of my Italian Coastal play has been as a supplement to my Bluewater ships, so the MTBs are the ones I’ve concentrated on. The MC 485 would therefore be a nice addition, but I don’t intend buying the BP just for that. Not really enough time to devote to WT at this time of year, so I know I won’t make huge progress through the rewards - certainly not enough to justify getting the BP.

I agree, even though I can’t get it as I’m not allowed to play the game.

Daily log in (25 levels), every Easy task (18 levels), with 3~5 of the Challenges you can get that boat.