"White Tigers" camouflage for the italian F84G

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The Tigri Bianche (White Tigers) were an Italian aerobatic team, active from 1953 to 1956, belonging to the 51st Wing.

Initially it was called the Pattuglia Bellagambi, after the patrol leader Mario Bellagambi.

After Bellagambi the patrol leader became Roberto Di Lollo and the patrol took the official name of Tigri Bianche. A white tiger on a light blue background was drawn on the planes.

The aircraft used were Republic F-84G Thunderjets.

The patrol during the performances was made up of four elements.

In 1957 the White Tigers were replaced by the Cavallino Rampante patrol. In the past, in fact, the task of providing a national aerobatic team was carried out in rotation by different departments. Subsequently, a special flight department was formed, the 313th Acrobatic Training Group, which later became known as the Frecce Tricolori.

The “Tigri Bianche” had a total of 236 performances, joining 52 airshows in Italy and 10 abroad.
They were also the first italian aerobatic team to visit both Canada and the USA.

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A skin was made on warthunder live and i would love to see it implemented as a unlockable skin in game: WT Live // Camouflage by DSplayer (Made by: DSplayer)

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