Which vehichle would you pick from the warbond shop?

Hello eveyone!
It seems like I finally will be able to get my first premium vehichle from the warbond shop. For me it was kinda tidious to grind even to level 4, so only the rank 2 vehichles are option for now.
Which one of the 3 would you suggest?
I already played the Pz 3 N in italy, so I know, that is pretty fun, but I already grinded the german ground up to technicly rank V so do I question: Do the chinese plane, and the Uk ship any good? I am still bad with planes, and I am afraid that nobady plays naval at Br 2.0 (or at all for that matter. To be honest I mostly play ground rb, so I have no idea what’s happening over there.) But If they are good I might give them a chance. I don’t played neither China or the brits yet.
Thanks for help!

Apparently I have heard that the boat is terrible.

Out of the first tier of warbonds vehicles, I’d say the H-81A-2 is worth it if you have not ground out the Chinese air tree. If you’re looking for a low tier grinder for China’s air tree, I’d recommend it. However, I’d actually more recommend just playing through China’s air tree normally because it’s very fun and quite good.

If you can get to the higher tier of warbonds vehicles, I would absolutely recommend the USS Frank Knox or Sherman III/IV. Both of those are standout vehicles. The USS Frank Knox is a fantastic grinder, especially in naval AB, and the Sherman III/IV slots into Sweden’s 3.7 lineup. With the Sherman III/IV, Sweden’s 3.7 lineup beats what used to be China’s 3.7 lineup before they broke it up and becomes the most insane 3.7 lineup in the entire game because you can have a T-34, Pz. IV, and Sherman all in the same lineup. If you have the 120 mm machine gun that is the SAV 20.12.48, it gets even more insane.

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Thanks for the help, then I probably will try to get the chinese plane. Yeah I heard that the swedish sherman is good, but sadly I run out of Battlepass challenges that I have vehichles for, so I have no way to get the level 5 shop.

I usually only reach about lvl 60 in the battle pass, so I took the H-81A-2, but I’m already higher in the tree, so it’s more for the collection. But you can use it for easy BP tasks - I’ve played a few battles (ARB) with it and it’s not bad. I don’t play naval battles, so I ignore the ships and I didn’t take the Panzer, because I’m already further in the German tree and I probably wouldn’t use it.

If I was able to achieve a higher BP level I would take Sherman.

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If you didn’t play Naval, yet. I wouldn’t recommend getting the ship.
Naval is not for everyone, so I would recommend to try it out first, before spending warbonds on that.

At BR 2.0 its mostly about farming bots and capping capture points, so the ship needs to be fast and have good autocannons. Which this ship seems to have both.

Personaly, the gameplay is too slow for me, even for Coastal. And mechanics seem to be designed for Bluewater anyway, so aiming with Costal can be pain.
I use Naval only for grinding battlepass challenges.

As you said yourself, Pz3 is fun safe pick. German version gets MG on top, compared to Italian one and it has good lineup around itself.

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