Which US premium plane should i buy?

I’d like to buy a premium plane in the us tech tree but i don’t know wich one, i have 600+ hours played so i don’t have that much experience. In the most videos i saw the F-5 C it’s the best but i’d like to play in groun rb so i don’t know if the F-5 is good for killing tanks. As I said, I don’t have a lot of experience so i don’t know what to do.

If you want to play Ground RB , I’d recommend purchasing the A-10A , or maybe the AV-8A , depending on if you want to be able to play air battles as well. The AV-8A will be better for air combat and close air support but the A10 is fully dedicated to close air support and ground attack.

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If you are purely looking for CAS, then your best bet is the A-10 or A6 as they have guided weapons. If you want a premium aircraft for ARB then probably AV-8 or F-5. (though they can take some unguided bombs) I’d avoid the F-4. Its not that good at the moment due to compression

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The F5C is more focused on air combat , but can carry some air to ground ordinance, so it’s not the best for Ground RB.

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So to summarize what the others said :
Air RB : A-5C, AV8
CAS in Ground RB : A-10, A-6, AV8

If you just want to play CAS, A-10 and A-6 are your best picks, but if you also want to play ARB AV8 is probably your best pick.

Why not the premium phantom?

The premium phantom is quite high battle rating , so everyone else will be more skilled then you , plus the phantom flies like a brick

There are not enough high BR in WT. And i think Phantoms without gunpods can perform maneuvers very well.

I got the A6 and the A10 and also the 4S , and they are all amazing, the first two are the best for ground RB and i enjoyed them a lot, as for the grind i used the phantom 4S in sim and it was mostly really fun to play abd easier less sweaty to grind, I would suggest you to get the a10 or the A6 depands on your play style.

Have an a amazing Day 🙏

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