Which Tank should i rather buy?

T-44-122 or the T-34-100. Both are the same BR and price so i dont know which one is better.

Which has the quicker reload?

The T-44 has a base reload of 30 seconds, the t-34 is 15 seconds. It depends on your play style. if you like to rush in, longer reload is not for you. test drive them both and see which one feels better.

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T-34-100 all the way.

The only strength the T-44 has is small size, a nimble hull, and LOTS of well angled armor that’s very hard to penetrate at its BR.
The T-44-122 removes all of this.
It’s big, it’s fat and slow, its gun isn’t the somewhat fast-shooting flank and spanker that it used to be, and it pays for that.
Your hull is easily penetrated. Your turret is huge, and you have a turret neck the size of the T-34-85.
Your 17hp/t? You’ll miss it, you only get 14hp/t on this thing… And it’s a slug in comparison.

The T-34-100, as opposed to the T-44-122, gets a 2x faster reload, and not all that much armor overall… You’re still fast, though, and you have angles for days that can absorb a hell of a lot of shells.
BR-412D is also better than BR-471D in the sense that you can fire 2 in the time it takes to reload the 122.

I’d say the T-34-100 does suck in terms of it being a glass cannon, but seeing as the T-44-122 is just a glass cannon that loses its cannon for 30 seconds every time you shoot… I’d rather get the T-34.
Its depression also sucks, but you’re a T-34. I doubt you’ll be cresting hills.


did you mean to recommend the T-44-100? the the T-34-100 has all of the downsides you mentioned

The T-34-100, the downsides are far less prevalent than on the T-44-122.

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