Which T72s have thermal sights?

As the GRB is unplayable without one: which T72 have thermals? The premium turms have thermals, but do the rest T72s on BR 10.0 have them as well? There is no way to check in game.

The T72B and the 1989 version don’t have them, but is an up-armor version of the TURMS with worse optical zoom, the T-72M2 Moderna has thermals.

So other nations get thermals starting at 9.3, but here you have to buy it or grind do 11.0? Sounds like a BS to me

Germany? The Leopard 1A5 and M48 Super has them but it’s a horrible ass first gen version that is nearly useless, it doesn’t really help you see any better, and then coupled with no armor you would be better off staying behind cover or peek over the hill with your binocular, that’s how you should play the Leopard 1 anyways because I have lost counts on how many I’ve killed driving around like a blind bat, apparently the gen 1 thermal doesn’t help their situaton. The premium T-72AV will have a crystal clear thermal vision, even better than the 10.3 Leopard 2A4 which is still using gen 1.

IF you are looking for just thermals on vehicles, the BMP-3, 2S25M and T-80B all have them. To see if a vehicle has thermals, you can always check the wiki: USSR ground vehicles - War Thunder Wiki , or look at the modifications tab for the vehicle in game and see if it has the NVD modification, and see if that modification has a white tint, as opposed to a green one.

Add the Shturm and Khrizantema to that list of soviet/russian thermal capable vehicles.

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T-72B3 (top tier), T-72 TURM-T (Premium pack) with CITV, T-72 Modena (Event) also with CITV.
You need to craw through 10.0 though, worst optics, mediocare mobility but you got the decent armor and the best ammo. Decent lineup too.

You can check by hovering over the modification:

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