Which Rank 7 Soviet plane would you recommend to grind out the rest of the tree?

I’m kinda split between the SU-17s and the Mig-21s (and eventually Mig-23s). I’m using the SU-25 currently and I’m wondering if i should just keep using the SU-25 family, I seem to do pretty well with the 2 A2A missiles and base/ground AI bombing. I didn’t really enjoy the SU-22M3 but I’m wondering if maybe the SU-17s will be the most efficient for grinding. People seem to agree that the MIG-27 isn’t great or is redundant (due to the MIG-23 being a thing), not to mention is doesn’t lead to any aircraft after it (at least right now). Thoughts?

Mig-21SMT. You get decent flight performance on the platform, flares and chaff, and 4xR-60s. It will serve you well throughout the rest of the grind of the tree


mig23mld ofc, better than Mig23ML but in same BR

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If u want a fighter, u must grind for su-27, is the best fighter of urss tech tree.
But if u want to do CAS, i recomend the attack planes, like su-25, yak-141(its another option), or mig-27.

Just play what you are best at in that rank it will be more fun and easier to grind.