Which premium + squad vehicle combo you consider stronger?

Team quality apart, which combo is superior?




Neither of those. The entire soviet P2W 10.0 line-up puts both of those to shame

That’s not the question, but Soviet 10.0 is indeed insane. Sweden wallet lineup looks solid too.
But of the two above, which one you think is overall better?

Neither, the Soviet, the BMP-2M is OP, the T-80UK is a T-80, and they have the Su-22, all squadron, + the 2S38 and many others.

Use the Su-25K then, Su-22M3 can be only good as bomb and zoom in air realistic.

And depending on the scenario, you can’t do much with Laser guided Kh-25 or bombing with Fab-500M,

Although having good ordnance, on its BR there’s a few good spaa that can easily shoot it down.

About the topic in specific,

We can see that German players pass by some kind of filter on 6.7, after this BR and above they surprisedly get smarter.

And US players from 6.7 and above starts to be more dumber.

What I mean by that is the current performance of US players and German players: they’re totally different from each other, even with those 11.3 wallet warrior premiums still, few Germans can do better than some US players that buy the counterpart.

Maybe it’s just my vision and it doesn’t reflect the real scenario since I don’t own neither of the vehicles mentioned.

But not considering the speed runners,

In conclusion, the German set is the best considering the vehicle performance not the average players, Leopard 2A4M and 2PL can have more armor than Abrams in my vision, way more quiet, not the best ammo but the matchmaking always helps.

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I’m not talking air, I’m talking a full ground lineup with CAS. The ordnance is good, and will kill when dropped properly. Yes, an SPAA being able to shoot you down is kinda the point of the enemy having SPAA’s

German players are absolutely stupid as well after the last update, 2A4M or not, the difference is that German teams can still get carried by the bonkers 2A7V.

Su22M3 are just primarily S25O carriers.

The USSR 10.0 lineup is objectively inferior to the Italian 10.3 lineup, far inferior to the Swedish 10.0/10.3 lineup, and inferior to the US 10.0/10.3 lineup.

Also, I would say that it’s also worse than the Chinese 10.0 lineup, but they’re pretty neck-and-neck. I prefer China and would play Chinese 10.0 over the Russian 10.0 (with all of the premiums) still.

It’s very clear, from a mile away, that you have no experience with these vehicles or even Eastern vehicles in general - and are one of the many perpetuators of “russian bias” claims on the forum, of which 100% are just as unfounded.

I personally hadn’t looked at your stats and played vehicles before making the claim, but I wasn’t surprised to see that you’ve effectively never played a single Russian/Chinese vehicle before. Your below-average global stats are also in-line with many other “russian bias” posters.

That is to simply say - have you considered becoming better?

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Soviets are the only nation i ngame that can BUY an ENTIRE line-up

From Premiums like the T-72 TURMS, 2S38, Su-25, etc
Events like the 292.
and then the SQVs as well.

You can fill every single slot without grinding the tree at all. And each and every vehicle in that line-up varies from average to OP. None are bad

Okay? That still doesn’t make the lineup good?
Firstly - you will very rarely spawn more than 5 times in a match, if even.

Personally, I think I’ve failed a game if I’ve died more than 4 times in a match.
So, the impact of the number of vehicles in a lineup is severely diminished after the 4th vehicle.

Therefore - quality matters. And tanks like the Leopard 2A4 or M1 Abrams are far, far, far superior vehicles to Russian tanks at the same BR. Anyone experienced would pick them over a T-80B or a T-72 1989.

The 2S38 is inferior to the Swedish 10.0 IFVs, easily. Especially the BILL and Lvkv9040C. And they get two Leopard 2A4s. The 2A4 being the best 10.3 tank in the game, and superior to the 292.

The Su-25 is also not this miracle CAS - it’s basically relegated to using rockets at close range. Which are very powerful, but it’s still easily taken down by even gun SPAA. They’re literal free food when I’m playing my PGZ04A. It’s far inferior to Western CAS options with longer range munitions (and not just technical range - Western CAS has far better optics that actually enable it to utilize the range of their munitions)

The Italian IFVs are extremely effective, and so is the Ariete (P) at 10.3, and they get a 2A4.

You seem to keep regurgitating rage posts that you’ve read somewhere about how Russia has a premium lineup, as if that even matters? In fact, those vehicles being premium could only be bad for Russia 10.0/10.3. What were you thinking writing this?

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