Which planes should i use in the USA aviation tree to grind out rank 6,7 and so on?

So currently im in a bit of a rough spot in the US aviation tree and don’t know which aircraft to use to grind out the AV8C and so on, i have played the sabres but they’re not really my play style since i like fast jets with good missiles and etc.So in conclusion, which planes are recommended?

This is my current tree:

The f105 might be your best bet out of the current planes you have. As for what to grind next, the f100/f4 line might be up your alley.

I would say the FJ-4B, but that is really just a Naval Sabre, I would use the F-105D or if you feel like trying to get it, the F9F-8. Overall however the F-105D is your best bet.

Alright, thanks!

Ill try them, thanks tho!

I too would recommend the F-105 Thud, either go high altitude to avoid most all aspect IR slingers, or low altitude and use your AIM-9B/E to negate enemy air to air missiles, rush to a bomb base, and turn to engage fighters with your remaining AAM