Which nation is beginner friendly for air, USA or Japan

I want to find a new nation to grind through, which is much more friendly to new players on that tech tree, USA or Japan

Japan is great overall, but if you want EASY… Britain or the Soviets are great.

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I would start with Japan. Planes are VERY intuitive to use and mostly competitive. It’ll also teach you how to counter aircraft that turn and stall better than you (because you’ll be using them) for later when you go play other trees.

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Elaborate pls (sorry if im asking too much)

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Japan has dumb-proof planes. Speed is in no way their strongsuit, and their guns are PERFECTLY mediocre (with the heavy hitting ones having good velocity). They’ll outturn anything and are effectively UFOs.

Spitfires are much the same, except now they’re also somewhat fast. British twin-engine fighters are also obscenely OP.

Soviets are just… All around great. The Yak-7 and Yak-3 are definitely planes to gun for, though if you prefer skilled gameplay and planning, the LaGG-3 and La-5FN REALLY pay off.

Nah, the Type 99s and Ho-103s are VERY good. They’re also very stable platforms and won’t cook their engines most of the time.

Much worse in a dogfight than just about anything japanese.

Yeah, though they’re pretty hit or miss sometimes. It reminds me of German 20mms, where they’ll hit HARD sometimes then spark for 100 rounds.

Well it’s obviously worse than japan in a dogfight, but nothing else will beat it. Not even a Yak-3 VK-107

It’s RealShatter up to its usual business. Though I haven’t had any difficulties.

Gets too close sometimes, plus the energy retention is quite poor and the overheating doesn’t help. Japan gives you a lot of headroom even in a 2v1.

I would actually recommend China. China gives you a good mix of the US, USSR, and Japan so you can get experiences of what types of vehicles you like and what each nation has to offer. Plus, you can also get a few unique things mixed in at low tier like the CW-2 and P-66.


Use Universal and it says other wise. But i don’t disagree.


Uni tends to be a lot less of a hit or miss and more of a 1 or 2 second bursts to the wing and you go flying down.

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I believe he means 20mm japanese cannon belts. Universal is best on both Ho-5s and Type 99s.

Sorry to bother but whats a UFO?

Unidentified Flying Object. It’s a funny comparison to say the plane floats and turns like crazy