Which is better the T-90 bhishma of the indian Army or the Arjun MBT better

what do you think what’s betwwen the true do you think India should have a seperate tree

Arjun has the CUM blast ammo, that makes it the BEST tank in the world!


T-90MS and Arjun serve different purposes in the Indian army.

T-90MS is used for colder and higher elevated regions whereas the Arjun’s intended battlefield is the desert.

T-90 Bhishma has low profile and better gun while Arjun has better survivability and better mobility. Both are very different from each other so it’s quite difficult to determine which is better.

India has lots of domestic or unique enough vehicles for rank 4 and above but the issue is it lacks domestic or unique options for lower tiers specially in air tree. In order to add India gaijin has to add another nation as a sub tree which could help it to fill up the missing ranks. But finding such nation would be an issue.

Penetrating Cum Blast. That’s all that’s needed.