Which favorite vehicles of you did Gaijin ruin?

  • P-47s - Literally useless in ARB
  • B-29 - Also useless in ARB
  • OTOMATIC - Massively overtiered and missing the capacity to carry at least 26 more APFSDS rounds
  • Abrams (all) - Everyone already knows the issues
  • HSTV(L) - Overtiered (should be 10.7 or something), missing tracking and HE-VT
  • R3 T20 - Massively overtiered, seriously this thing has no business being above 5.3-5.7 (Gaijin should just nerf the already garbage HVAP if its such an issue)

I think Gaijin realise some vehicles were a mistake and just nerf them to death instead of removing them and upsetting people.

I think every vehicle has its place, it is just that the Gaijin Devs do not seem to be competent enough to do it right.

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Italian top tier tanks
Maus by adding Fox/Vidar 2 br’s lower than they should be
M22 /L3-33

How/when did they nerf these???

I can’t kill Leo 2 a7 with m22
Can’t killt 80 with L33 anymore

Oh lol. They should revert that. That’s the only thing they’re good at ;)