Which favorite vehicles of you did Gaijin ruin?

For me it is absolutely the P-47 Thunderbolts.

Gaijin changed the bomb drop behaivor so that only one of the big bombs under the wings drop, so especially when dive bombing, the P-47 gets too unstable and just spirals into the ground. Sure I could fuddle with drop series and whatnot, but I am so tired of being expected to compose a WT keybinds Bible. The Thunderbolt does not work in this single drop configuration, the load on the other wing is too high. I died so often with it now after only one wing mounted bomb dropped and the plane just got uncontrollable.

What did they mess up on your favorites?

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Hmm… I don’t think they’re ruined any of my favorite vehicles… Sure they’ve changed them and moved their BR’s but I’ve generally been able to overcome and adapt with them.

As for your problems with the P-47, I’d recommend dropping both wing bombs at the same time like they used to drop

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Sure, but to me it is tough to remember this extra step in the heat of battle. It is very inconvenient.

Yeah makes sense.

What kind of controls are you using when dropping bombs? I haven’t found there to be much trouble with bombs that drop one at a time from wings

Spacebar for bombs.

No, I meant are you using Mouse aim or full real controls?


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Hmm… It’s very strange that your spiralling into the ground using Mouse aim… Idk what to say to help

Just moving BRs around so I have no line ups anymore .Shifting the Swedish T34 to 4BR meant It no longer fitted my 3.7 line up.
Moving the Cobra king from 5.3 was the same.

Me 110 for Hungary/Italy lost a bomb and seems generally nerfed.The auto crews got nerfed in planes any way so using a heavy bomber became more difficult which wasnt what the game needed.

The screwing around with BR for no real reason is one of the most annoying aspects of this game.

No need to change the BR of a vehicle that has been at the same BR for years.Just destroys line ups

The removal of cover in maps means that the Russian Yag and the Flak 88 became pretty much pointless.They were Old favourites I dont bother with much any more as a result.

Object 292.

None. Zero vehicles I have ever played are worse than before.

Also just double tap bomb drop on P-47… simple.
Your P-47 was buffed, not ruined.

Sweden’s 4.0 lineup is hilariously strong.

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The most obvious one possible is the T25.

  1. Went from 5.7 to 6.3
  2. Lost its stabilizer
  3. Nerfed turret traverse (24 to 21 degrees/s)
  4. Nerfed with a 2 round ready rack (normal reload stayed the same at 7.5 seconds, but increases to 10 seconds without ready rack which didn’t happen before).

The only buffs it has received in the meantime are: M82 got buffed from 813 to 853 m/s, with an increase in pen from 173 to 185, which honestly doesn’t change that much, and the radiators vents on top of the hull got buffed from 5 to 10 mm.

Ability to drop a single bomb at a time sounds like a major buff really, wish I had that when I was still using a P47

Lol, T25 was with a stabilizer at a rating of 5.7?
If that’s the case, then I’m truly glad they nerfed him.

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They gotta give you the Gaijin Glazer tag.

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Indirectly ruined a few of my liked planes (usually japanese in this case) by moving them up in BR - R2Y2s went from 7.3 to 8.0, for example.

Ruined Fw190 flight models.

ATGM changes made the Marders ineffective and extremely annoying to play.

Ki-43-III lost 300hp overnight a while back and hasn’t been moved down in BR since.


For a very long time, the US gyrostabilizers were not as effective as they are now. Before update “Raining Fire” (came out on the 2nd of September, 2020), they had a maximum speed of 15 km/h, which was buffed to 24 km/h.

The T25 was at least already 6.0 (BR changes from January 2020, I haven’t found the exact BR changes when it became 6.3) when those changes happened. And about a year later after the stabilizers got buffed (update “Direct hit”), the stabilizer was removed.

So while yes, the T25 did have a gyrostabilizer back when it was 5.7, it was not nearly as strong as the gyrostabilizers you see today, and it was already at least 6.0 when the stabilizers got buffed.

Edit: found it, the T25 became 6.3 in early February of 2021.

Char25t. Used to be 7.3, got some buffs so it went to 7.7. Now it’s 8.0.
Amx-13 FL11. It’s a 3.7 tank at 4.3.
Amx-13 DCA 40. It was good at 4.3, now it is 5.0 without a lineup.

I’m starting to sense a theme here.


AMX-50 with 90 mm cannon. It was fine at the initial 7.3 br. Then increased to 7.7, and then up to 8.0 for some reason. Now its almost unplayble, because you’re sucked in full uptiers against Turm III, T-55AM/AMD, Leopard A1A1, etc.