Which br would a ztz 96b sit at and why is there no suggestion?

Would love to see this tank in the chinese tech tree with more ifvs. I mean there are millions of chinese ifvs which werent added and i dont know why


Because they only want to copy and paste

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why is there no suggestion

There was one on the old forums which was passed to the devs for consideration.

So there was really no reason for anyone to make another one.

The VT-4A1 is basically the ZTZ96B, but for export.

i thought it was the vt 2b but im not sure. Might be entirely wrong

ZTZ-96B uses a similar engine and transmission to ZTZ99A, not VT4A1. ZTZ-96B is an upgraded version of ZTZ-96A


You should compare the photos carefully. These are two completely different vehicles


That’s a factually incorrect statement. The VT-2B is definitely the export counterpart. Its pretty obvious that the VT-2/VT-2A are the export counterparts for the ZTZ-96/ZTZ-96A. A quick and simple google search could have told you that and prevented your embarrassment. Just compare the images from the African users of the VT-2 / VT-2A to the Chinese ZTZ-96 / 96A.

They have different suspension, different engines, different transmissions, the turret is not the same as the ztz96a is still the ztz96 turret with applique armour, which in turns comes from ztz88c. Vt2b has a similar turret layout but different composite armour, and different thermals. The idea of ztz96a is just an upgrade to ztz96, but vt2 is a different design, it also features a different hull composite armour layout.

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There are an old suggestion in old forum, like many other suggeations, it havn’t been reupload
for it’s br. It’s really similar to mbt-2000 in game, except better thermal, but it’s not good enough to go 11.0 so I guess 10.7

Yeah, I agree, but I think 10.3 is more suitable because it is still less fast especially in reverse in comparison to the mbt-2000. After all Gaijing is only going to give 125-1 to it, so the BR should be 10.3 due to the non-existing armour.

it’s quite good armor, except the larger lower hull

no, it’s even faster, it uses CH series transmission similar to 99a, with about 30kph reverse speed

It shouldn’t be the CH series as it is just improved version of the one on normal ztz96, there is no footage showing very fast reverse anyway. The CH series are very distinct in their size and are part of a system in combination with the 1500 hp engine, it is a single pack. The large lower hull mean you die 1 shot basically, due to autoloader, and the 5 degree depression deduced its chance of sticking a head out like NATO weakly armoured tanks. All in all, however good it is, Gaijing is going to make it into an unrealistic tank with minimum capabilities.

Not same transmission, zbd-04a’s transmission is also one of CH series, and all source suggest it have fast reverse.

and I don’t see the point in this, sounds like you wish it will be badly made. I saw similar words in MBT-2000 too, though it did get fixed and buffed after some issues, but it is a good tank at the first time, so will 96b.

I agree, but we can not verify much information about this tank, and since even issues with clear evidence like the ones of the ZTZ99A modelling error, and the ERA problem on MBT2000 and vt4, Gaijing refuse to fix. I just fear that this tank will be another one of the painful tanks where it could have been good but is disappointing at the end due to BR and bugs.

Well, gaijin didn’t refuse, at least not directly, even they accept, these problem about modeling need time to fix, and you know how slow they are in fixing problems.
There are even other problems, like the Z-9WA’s tracking problem and PLZ-83’s ammo, can be fixed in minutes by few lines of codes, still not fixed, and consider the examples in other TT vehicles, these problems also take long time to fix.
I don’t like the way gaijin work, too. But it’s their way, so be little more patient, and more hope, do what we should do.
My idea is creating a to do list, collecting problems, marked as big, small, and make small ones fixed in short time, but this also need gaijin to do.

It is not a time problem, it does not take 3 years to fix something that is just dividing up the ERA. If you look on reports, the Trickster guy closed down 100 suggestions on bugs, it is insane.

he is, and gaijin is very lazy about modeling problem, and era is one of modeling problem, the easiest fix one

  • would probably be the same BR as the MBT-2000
  • it was suggested and passed 4 years ago

yeah, but passed is not I will add. The issues for a billion improvements have been passed, but barely 0.1% were actually added or fixed.