Which br would a ztz 96b sit at and why is there no suggestion?

Would love to see this tank in the chinese tech tree with more ifvs. I mean there are millions of chinese ifvs which werent added and i dont know why


Because they only want to copy and paste

why is there no suggestion

There was one on the old forums which was passed to the devs for consideration.

So there was really no reason for anyone to make another one.

The VT-4A1 is basically the ZTZ96B, but for export.

i thought it was the vt 2b but im not sure. Might be entirely wrong

ZTZ-96B uses a similar engine and transmission to ZTZ99A, not VT4A1. ZTZ-96B is an upgraded version of ZTZ-96A

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You should compare the photos carefully. These are two completely different vehicles

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That’s a factually incorrect statement. The VT-2B is definitely the export counterpart. Its pretty obvious that the VT-2/VT-2A are the export counterparts for the ZTZ-96/ZTZ-96A. A quick and simple google search could have told you that and prevented your embarrassment. Just compare the images from the African users of the VT-2 / VT-2A to the Chinese ZTZ-96 / 96A.