Which br would a hypothetical zbd 04 premium sit at in br?

I was planning on accuiring the ztz 96 a ans was wondering where the zbd 04 could sit as i really enjoy ifvs of this sort

Let’s assume that if the premium vehicle is ZBD-04 with the same turret as BMD-4, it can only defend 12.7 in all four directions. Assuming it has APFSDS, then BR is around 9.7; Without APFSDS, BR is around 9.0. Assuming the premium vehicle is ZBD-04A, which also uses the BMD-4 turret and has protection, it can withstand 30mm AP shells on the front and 14.5mm AP shells on the side. Assuming there is APFSDS, BR should be at 10.0; Without APFSDS, BR should be on 9.3

i hope it will be 10.0 with apfsds as that would be prefect with my a5c and my ztz 96ap

ZBD04A have 30mm and 100mm,but ZBD04 only a 30mm with 4*HJ-8

The ZBD04 with HJ8 is the SW-1 turret, while the regular ZBD04 only has a 30mm machine gun

The base ZBD-04 and the ZBD-04A have the same weapons, which are more or less identical to the BMP-3/BMD-4. The ZBD-04A has improved armor, better engine, and improved optics