Which br would a hypothetical zbd 04 premium sit at in br?

I was planning on accuiring the ztz 96 a ans was wondering where the zbd 04 could sit as i really enjoy ifvs of this sort

Letโ€™s assume that if the premium vehicle is ZBD-04 with the same turret as BMD-4, it can only defend 12.7 in all four directions. Assuming it has APFSDS, then BR is around 9.7; Without APFSDS, BR is around 9.0. Assuming the premium vehicle is ZBD-04A, which also uses the BMD-4 turret and has protection, it can withstand 30mm AP shells on the front and 14.5mm AP shells on the side. Assuming there is APFSDS, BR should be at 10.0; Without APFSDS, BR should be on 9.3

i hope it will be 10.0 with apfsds as that would be prefect with my a5c and my ztz 96ap

ZBD04A have 30mm and 100mm,but ZBD04 only a 30mm with 4*HJ-8

The ZBD04 with HJ8 is the SW-1 turret, while the regular ZBD04 only has a 30mm machine gun

The base ZBD-04 and the ZBD-04A have the same weapons, which are more or less identical to the BMP-3/BMD-4. The ZBD-04A has improved armor, better engine, and improved optics

the ZBD-04 doesnโ€™t have the 30mm cannon while the ZBD-04A does

good news, it has apfsds at 9.3 lmao

ZBD04 has 30mm gun

the ZBD04 has no 30mm coaxial

while the ZBD04A does have a 30mm
if iโ€™m wrong please prove it, iโ€™d love to know more about chinese tanks :)

this is ZBD04A, and the picture was been reversed, you can find it by the driver hatch cover


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okay i understand, both have the 30mm, then why in one of the pictures i showed it had only the 100mm? did they run out of budget(xd)?

If you flip the first picture over, you will know why, the 100mm gun blocked the 30mm gun

just saw the camo pattern, youโ€™re right lmao, thanks

they have the exact same weapons station. The A is a simple upgrade for armor, and optics, the weapons and the overall turret stay the same

Edit: just saw that other people were explaining it to you.

I hate how naked it looks compared to the A. Maybe someday we can get it as a 9.0 premium

ZBD04 has more russian flavor

ZBD-03 was found in the files, and I kinda view it as the Chinese equivalent to the BMD-3, would also live to see it around 8.3-8.7