Which air trees should i grind?

Can anyone suggest me some aviation trees i should grind as i already have US, USSR and Sweden ground out to like 10.0+ and i want to grind some other tree to that length or even further.

Thanks in advance.

The British, Italian and Japanese air trees are all stellar at the majority of points, though they all start to tail off a bit at the higher teirs, but if you like Props and early Jets, Britain is an excellent choice, then japan and italy are amazing for props and super props.

Im mostly interested in bombers(props to jets), early jets to modern jets and also late props

The british bombers are generally slow, but have a very good bombload, and the japanese bombers are basically the opposite, weak bombload but much faster, britain has many great early jets and a few really nice more modern ones. italy and japan both have a lack really of unique early jets and mid -late jets

But for top tier jets go Russia or the USA

Alright, ill try Britain out.