Whether to add EJ200-01A TVC engines for Germany and Spain in the future and on which versions of aircraft

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Afaik, no Eurofighter has had the engines so probs never happening…

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At least yet. I could have sworn I heard something about them thinking about upgrading the fleet with them. But dont quote me on that

They plan to equip TVC tranche 3 aircraft

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I thought RR was first planning to further uprate the engine as Eurojet seems to think it still has some growth potential before thrust vectoring is used to further increase efficiency?

Either way, would be nice to see them, but given its an add-on for the Ej200 engine, which is based on the RR XG-40, i’d like to see the UK get it too if Germany gets it and if two nations get it, I think they should all have it.

If someone didn’t develop something, then why should they get it? We are not given ASRAAM or other British weapons, like the same PGM 500,2000, so why should German-Spanish technologies be shared?

There are only problems of those who did not need it.

Because its from a British engine, plus the TVC is offered by airbus with funding from Eurojet, which is a joint company comprised of all Eurofighter nations, all Eurofighter nations can therefore choose to install the TVC.

Based on your premise Germany should not get the Meteor nor should it receive Brimstone nor should it receive the IRST? You could argue that Germany signed the MoU for Meteor and funded it, but the UK did the exact same thing with the TVC for the RR EJ200 engines.

u do know that there is lierally a German rocket motor in the Meteor

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Yes I am aware of this, but the UK has Airbus shares and Airbus is partnered with RR for the purposes of upgrading the EJ200 which includes TVC.

METEOR appeared due to the merger of the German A3M rocket (completely externally identical to Meteor) with MBBA