Where's the NVD spotlight on some tanks?

I’m no expert, but wouldn’t it make sense for tanks with the NVD researched to display the iconic spotlight on the mantlet?

I thought about this while playing the Type 61 and what came to my mind was that the M48A1 had the spotlight before too.


It’s just simple modelling and coding, and we’ve seen something similar to this in the BMP-3 (the turret livery changing from NVD to thermals) wouldn’t it be possible to have the same on tanks NVD installed, such as the Type 61?

Since active IR isn’t modelled in the game its just an appearance thing. The “NVDs” in game are the passive IR and “starlight” periscopes, sights, and NVGs.
Almost all of the big “TV set” Western spot lights were dismountable. So it being on the tank models in game or not doesn’t mean it didn’t have that capacity.