Where's the AIM-9L on F-4F (late) gaijin?

We reached the point where a CAS (AMX) can carry AIM-9L’s on 10.x br, but still we cant get our historicaly accurate missile somehow??? Which is total baloney since this jet NEVER had 9J’s and only used 9L’s (also somehow got napalm before getting something more useful).

The old answer was “better flight model” since it haves agile eagle but that was before the missile spam meta that were currently in, this thing is total crap on air RB since it gets uptiered very often to 11.0 or 12.0 and wont stand a chance with more modern jets.

There’s 0 news regarding the F4F ICE variant which haves WAY better stuff than the late variant, just give us the 9L’s at least makes the darn jet somewhat playable.


Not happening since it’s better at 10.7 than 11.3.
F-4F ICE will also bring AMRAAMs which will be a far better upgrade than AIM-9Ls.

it should also have aim9Li-2s, which are basically equal to aim9ms, it it drops with just aim9Ls i’ll have a stroke

laughs in soon™


I expect F-4F ICE to have Li/M for sure, the AMRAAMs are primarily what make the F-4F competitive against gen 4s though.

The standard F-4F at 10.7 is already the best 10.7 that I don’t want ruined just cause people want 9Ls on it.
People ruined by Kfir C2’s match making cause of Python 3s.

We have been having the same answer since 2021, ICE variant is a myth and gaijin refuses to add it meanwhile the other nations gets way modern stuff

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Sir, AMRAAMs aren’t in the game yet.
So “refuse to add” is a myth.
They can’t refuse to add it if the weapons aren’t even in the game.
They’re likely waiting for the weapon update itself to avoid the issue they have with Mirage 2000 5F where it only has IR missiles really for months, or over a year.

honestly I’d argue the best 10.7 is the F-5e (even in cas it’s better because it can carry twice as many agm65b) , but the F-4F is a close second.


F-4F good on 10.7??? Lmao that automatically means getting uptiered to 11.0 or higher, this thing was never good to begin with and its only somehow bearable since it can turn somewhat well until it bleeds all the speed and get totally destroyed by anything

We already have F-16 variants and the F-15’s too and they dont have amraams, they can also add the ICE with a “fair” loadout too

I mean there’s only a few 11.7s, only one I can think of is the f14a, and aim9js are actually not bad and have some about to ignore flares now. and the idea of adding aim120s to the f-4f is because the airframe is rather sub par for the planes it’s going to face.

The F-4E platform, which is what the F-4F really is, is competitive up to 11.7 matches. F-4F is 10.7 so at max you’ll see 11.7.
At 11.7 you have Mirage 2000C, F-14A, & Mig-23MLD which are better airframes [MLD is 11.3], but every other 11.3 & below? Similar airframe performance.

F-4F ICE if added last update would only have 4x AIM-9Li/Ms. No radar missiles, cause they’re not ready.
F-4F ICE would be a 12.0 waiting for its AMRAAMs to bump it up to 12.7 - 13.3 where it rests.

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Thats better than having to play uptiers with 9J’s to be honest, the fight model allows you to be more agile than the stiffier ones at that br (f4s is an example) so with the Li or M it will be fair

AIM-9Js are meta rear aspect missiles. Among the easiest missiles to get kills with next to PL-5Bs and AIM-9Gs.
F-4F doesn’t need new IR missiles, it’s great at 10.7 and I wish people would stop demanding that it be 11.3 with 9Ls.

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If the F-4F ice had better cas then i’d agree it should be added, but there is no difference in loadouts between the one we have in game for that, and aim9js are way better they once were, (ironically r60s are worse then ever) and adding a new F-4F with just upgraded heat seekers seems like a waste when they can be working on other stuff.

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Opposite, actually. 10.7 very rarely sees 11.0 or higher thanks to the premium spam. It’s a great BR for the F-4F Late.

You dont want it to have Aim-9Ls because if it did it would most likely be 11.0. Boom you’re facing stuff like the MLD every game that you’re not going to beat even with the Aim-9L. It’s never going to get sparrows.

At least at 10.7 it is faster than most enemies and can convert its agile eagle into a first-turn advantage against some of the planes that it fights. I don’t see why I would trade a slightly better weapons set for definitively worse matchmaking.

Besides, the Aim-9J has been buffed multiple times recently and can now pull far more lead before being launched. This is almost as good as giving it +5G of pull because it decreases the missile’s min range.

It’s more useful as it is at 10.7.

It shouldn’t be 11.3 with 9Ls.
It also shouldn’t be 10.7 with 9Ls.
9Ls and AGM-65Ds (and perhaps Gs) would put it cleanly at 11.0, higher than currently but lower than the Kurnass 2000 which has 6x 9L or Python 3, 65Ds, more countermeasures, and Paveways (and Agile Eagle slats).

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